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WNL returned on 3-5-13 on the SNS Radio Network (www.snsradionetwork.com) with “The Bronx-Father” Tony J Mirabella and “Mr. Money on the Mic” JJ $exay.
JJ and Bronx were joined by “The 51% Owner of the SNS Radio Network”
Harmony “Boom Boom” Jackson as they welcomed The 3 time WCW World Champion Diamond Dallas Page back to WNL. Harmony told DDP her story and the success she has had with DDP Yoga. DDP talked about how DDP Yoga came about and some of the amazing people who have transformed their lives through the program. DDP talked about the success that Jake Roberts has had and the changes he has made in his life and gave an update on Scott Hall who has recently started his journey to retake his life.The interview with DDP went about an hour as he and Harmony discussed the benefits of the program, upcoming appearances and live workouts DDP has planned. JJ & Harmony talked with DDP about working out with him during Wrestlecon as Harmony is planning to do before DDP had to leave the show.
JJ and Bronx recapped monday’s “Öld School RAW” which saw the return of the Undertaker, a Fatal four way Main Event to determine who would face the Undertaker at Wrestlemania 29, A promo between Cena and The Rock, Some Legends returned and Miz with Flair by his side won against Dolph Ziggler.
The boys gave their thoughts on several things that were good and bad about the show as The Road to Wrestlemania continues.
After the break it was time for The boys to talk with Beltmaker Dave Millican who recently designed the new WWE Championship. In this 30 minute interview Dave Millican talked about the new championship design, working with several diffrent wrestling and MMA companies, the superstar who broke the classic winged eagle belt, and more.
After the break The boys decided to call it a night due to some very sad news as Bronx and JJ learned of the passing of William Moody aka Paul Bearer or Percy Pringle….this one hit them both hard .JJ told a quick story about Paul Bearer and remembered JSK on the sixth anniversary of his passing and thanking those that tribute him this week before wrapping up with a special “SOTN” Coldplay The Scientist on the latest episode of wrestling News Live.

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