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WNL returned on 2-26-13 on theAward -Winning SNS Radio Network (www.snsradionetwork.com) with “The Bronx-Father” Tony J. Mirabella and  “Mr. Money on the Mic”JJ $exay.
JJ opened the show by addressing the AAA Canada Next Generation Wrestling show from 2-22-13 and why he has parted ways with the company and lost his best friend of over 9 years former SNS Host Mark “The Shark”DiCarlo (Spencer Tapley) over the ordeal.
JJ welcomed Dave Boddy of The Bodyguards against Bullying Foundation to the broadcast to discuss the foundation and how his love for pro wrestling turned his life around.
After the 1st commercial break JJ and Bronx were joined by Indy promoter John Crow of the Omni Wrestling Alliance to discuss his upcoming show on March 2nd in Sperry Oklahoma at the Sperry Baseball Academy. The TreyDawg is rumoured to be making an appearance at the show.John explained his ideas for the promotion and what the future holds.
JJ and Bronx covered the latest episode of RAW with the “RAW Recap” as Brock and Triple H tore it up at the opening, Brock got busted open, and a huge main event pitting John Cena against CM Punk for the number 1 contendership of the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania 29.
After the final break Santo Loco called in to talk about Wrestlemania 30 being in his backyard in “NAWLIN’S”,Mardi Gras, and his recent time at the Elimination Chamber PPV. JJ and Bronx randown the latest “News of the Week”including Jack Swaggers recent arrest, Hall moving in with DDP, Miz and Maryse get engaged, and more.
JJ read emails and the boys recieved a suprise call from the TreyDawg who wanted to weigh in on the recent issues with NGW and Spencer Tapley. JJ announced that next week’s show will feature Harmony “Boom Boom” Sexay as WNL welcomes back 3 Time WCW Champion Diamond Dallas Page and beltmaker of the recent WWE Championship Dave Millican.
JJ closed out the show with a “World Premeire”of Jack Swaggers new single…lol by the Bronxfather and a special “SOTN”For Maize for Black History Month on the latest episode of Wrestling News Live.

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