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WNL returned to the airwaves on the Award Winning SNS Radio Network on 2-19-13 with “The Bronx-Father”Tony J. Mirabella & “Mr. Money on the Mic”JJ Sexay.
JJ opened the show to set the record straight on the recent Lance Storm interview on the LAW where Lance discussed the recent Hart Legacy Wrestling show from 1-18-13 in Calgary and the issues that plagued HLW since the show.
Lance blamed and holds Spencer Tapley aka Mark “The Shark”DiCarlo of the SNS Radio Network responsible for his bounced check from HLW, going so far as to claim he actually never met John Oniston or Stacey Angel but dealt solely with Spencer Tapley.JJ explained that Spencer was the VP Of talent /Media relations and like everyone who worked the show was an employee to HLW. As of the posting of this archive around 13 people who worked the show are still owed a balance including Generico, Storm, Spencer Tapley, and JJ himself. JJ maintains that Spencer did his job and the ballot of blame continues to be both Stacey Angel and John Oniston and despite Storms claims to the contrary Lance met John Oniston that night and recieved a check from Onistion that bounced. Spencer Tapley will be making his own statements to the Media but as a friend, someone who worked the show , and the CEO of the SNS Radio Network JJ felt the need to clear the air and absolve Spencer of any wrong doings in regards to being Liable for moneys owed for doing his job as an employee to HLW.
JJ & Bronx jumped into the RAW Recap as Cena offers a chance to Punk to take his #1 contendership for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania, Heyman gets really bad news, Bane….er Brad Maddox becomes Assistant to Vickie G, and The Rock discards the Spinner belt and introduces a NEW WWE Championship belt.
After the break The Boys discuss the New WWE Championship as its getting mixed reviews…some love it, some hate it and JJ & Bronx weigh in on their thoughts about the Championship title. JJ randown the latest “News of the Week” sponsored by Wrestling-Online.com with stories including Take Two interactive getting the WWE video games license and retaining THQ Employess and Yukes going forward, WWE refusing Tammy Sytch Rehab, Ric Flair seeking Protection from Ex-wife number 4, Scott Hall moving in with DDP and Jake Roberts , and more.
After the final break JJ and Bronx opened the phone lines and read emails before wrapping up the show with “SOTN” WITH Notorious B.I.G. “Hypnotize” for SNS Listener Maize in honor of Black History Month on this over 3 hour edition of Wrestling News Live exclusively on the SNS Radio Network.


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