WNL 12-11-12 now archived


Tonight’s edition of Wrestling News Live saw the “Unofficial Third Leg Of The Tripod” The BronxFather flying solo as JJ $exay was unable to host due to his being sick. We all wish JJ a speedy recovery, and hope to have him back soon. Bronx started off with the Raw Recap, breaking down Monday Night Raw and giving the show a decent rating as a good go home show to the TLC Pay Per View. After the commercial break, The BronxFather brought you the news of the week sponsored by wrestling-online.com, and gave his opinion on TNA booking the Alamodome and only reserving about one tenth of the arena! After the commercial break, the listeners made their voices heard by calling in and emailing the show, giving their opinions on everything from TNA to TLC to the Royal Rumble to Wrestlemania! When all was said and done, The BronxFather closed the show with a special song of the night, in which Bronxy admitted he was a little bit lonely, missing JJ and Trey. Bronx even SANG at the end of the show, to close out the last Wrestling News Live before the TLC Pay Per View only on the SNS Radio Network!

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