WNL 04-09-13 now archived


Fresh off the heels of Wrestlemania 29 and an excellent follow-up Monday Night Raw, Wrestling News Live was on the air with The BronxFather and, cashing in his Royal Rumble victory to co-host a show, L-Train! Bronx and Train recapped what they both agreed was an A+ Raw, before The Trey Dawg joined the show, and had some passionate words about the history of WNL. From there, things broke down, REALLY broke down, as the BronxFather told a story about the Cookie Monster in Midtown, which led to a complete train wreck of a segment. You have to hear it to believe it. After running down the news, Trey had to leave, and L-Train and Bronx closed out the show with your phone calls and a rendition of Fandango’s theme music. This is an archive you won’t want to miss here on the SNS Radio Network!


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