WNL 04-02-13 now archived


With only 5 days until the biggest wrestling event of the year, Wrestlemania 29, JJ Sexay is in route to New York City and the Trey Dawg was called away to work, so the BronxFather sent out the bat signal, and it was answered by “The Power” Andy Knowles as he and Bronx hosted this go home edition of Wrestling News Live! The hosts talked about the Raw go home show, the Miz and Wade Barrett being relegated to the YouTube pre-show at Mania and much more. After the break, The BronxFather read some news including the tragic passing of Ric Flair’s son Reid. Phone calls were taken and an email was read that could change the fortune of everyone concerned, offering to partner up with WNL to sell oil! Yes, oil! The boys wrapped up the show by breaking down the Wrestlemania card, and Andy Knowles giving his picks on this special edition of Wrestling News Live on the SNS Radio Network.



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