The Whole Indy Show 01-16-15


Ashley & Sandro are back with another episode of The Whole Indy Show on the SNS Radio Network. This week’s news includes the announcement of PWG’s first show of 2015 and its main event, AIW’s March and April shows are announced (with one incredible poster), CZW has a few matches set up for their anniversary show next month, along with a probable return of a major name from their past, AXS TV will be airing New Japan (although there’s been some dodgy advertising for it) and much more. There’s then results from FIP’s ‘Kickoff’ and ‘Everything Burns’ shows, EVOVLE 36 & 37 and CZW’s ‘To Live Is To Die’ (Apologies for the sound issues in this part, the original recording got lost due to a power outage).

For the second part, the guys are joined by Matthew Ryan from 2KW Pro to talk about their next show this weekend, ‘The Next Step’, including an in-depth rundown of the full card, along with talk about the history of the promotion, the New York Indy scene seeing a resurgence, indy wrestling as a whole and the guys giving their honest opinions on their first show ‘Divided We Stand’ (which you can still catch for free on 2KW Pro’s YouTube page).

The final segment has a preview for Beta Pro & ALPHA-1’s Matrats double-header live event, as well as a run through of the announced matches (as of recording) for the #RAWlternive FREE YouTube stream airing at the same time as this Monday’s Raw from Dallas, and why this event should truly be your ‘second screen experience’ if you want to watch both.


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