UnPlugged CT Ep 3 “Walking on the Moon” 8-30-14


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UnPlugged CT returns to the SNS Radio Network (www.snsradionetwork.com) for the 3rd episode “Walking on the Moon” with “Bronxzilla” Tony J. Mirabella and
“Mr. Money on the Mic” Jeff Jackson.
JJ and Bronx discuss the Science and the Conspiracies of the Historic moment in human history on July 20, 1969 when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin as part of Apollo 11 walked on the moon.
JJ and Bronx breakdown the theories debunking some along the way….they still had questions for a few things yet unexplained, but also looked at the science involved as well.
After the break JJ and Bronx jumped slightly off topic and expressed their views on Alien contact on Earth.
The boys discuss the story of Gary McKinnon who hacked into Nasa and several other U.S. Government computers over a 13 month period between 2001-2002 and found several photos and information on a secret US Space program involving Alien cooperation.
After the break The boys discussed the allegations and evidence that there are artificial structures on the moon. JJ discusses photos that were taken by Apollo 11 and other Apollo missions as well as the allegations that NASA airbrushes out UFO and questionable structures from photos.
JJ and Bronx go into full conspiracy mode for this episode from former presidential involvement to the JFK assasination….to recovering Alien bodies on the moon in this latest episode of UnPlugged CT exclusively on the SNS Radio Network. The Truth is Out There….

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