TNA Chat Live: The Final Show 05-23-13 now archived


On the final edition of TNA Chat Live with the Bronxfather, the show opened with a tribute to Owen Hart on the 14th anniversary of his tragic death. The Trey Dawg and “The Power” Andy Knowles joined Bronx for what turned out to be one of the most interesting and captivating segments in the history of TNA Chat Live. The three started off talking about Mickie James’ title win, which of course had the Power extremely happy, and then branched off to do some fantasy booking as a result of Dixie Carter’s comments about a possible WWE/TNA crossover event. The boys discussed what matches they would like to see in the unlikely event this ever happened, and before the break the three hosts talked about their futures in radio, with The Bronxfather teaming up soon with JJ Sexay for the re-debut of Unplugged, Andy’s future with the Rewind, and Trey’s Dawg House coming back. After the break, things got extremely heated between the BronxFather and the Power Andy Knowles regarding health care in wrestling, and Zema Ion possibly having cancer and having to set up a fundraiser to pay for his treatment. This is NOT a debate you want to miss, with caller Anthony Farley getting stuck in the middle! TNA fan and longtime listener Terrence called in and gave his always valued opinion, and longtime chatter N8T even chimed in before the BronxFather wrapped up this nearly 2 and a half hour final edition of TNA Chat Live on the SNS Radio Network.


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