TNA Chat Live Special 07-19-13 now archived


With the recent drama surrounding TNA, the BronxFather decided to bring back TNA Chat Live for a one night special to discuss what has been going on with the company and what its future may hold. Bronx started out talking about the previous night’s Impact, especially the X-Division tournament and Chris Sabin becoming the new TNA heavyweight champion. The host was not all that impressed with how the title change went down, but then the phone lines were opened and the callers made themselves known in a huge way. Everyone had their opinions about the title change, the late payroll and the recent TNA releases. The Aces and Eights storyline, the Main Event Mafia, you name it, and it was discussed! Many callers talked about the future of the company, and if TNA can survive. What was the overwhelming verdict? Check out this archive as TNA Chat Live came back for a special presentation here on the SNS Radio Network!


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