TNA Chat Live 05-16-13 now archived


This week on TNA Chat Live, the BronxFather started the show by going over Impact, and then had a very special guest on the show to talk about the recent Austin Aries situation with Christy Hemme. It was a very insightful interview to say the least. Bronx gave his opinion on the situation, and asked if, with the Attitude Era gone, have we become “re-sensitized” and more easily shocked now? This question was posed to the callers, and there were many, who chimed in about everything from Impact to the Hemme situation to the AJ Styles angle. The show then went into serious overtime as the Trey Dawg called in, and he and Bronx went down memory lane, with Trey telling some funny old TNA stories. The boys talked about wrestling radio, some Wrestling News Live history, JSK, beer drinking with some TNA talent and Trey’s future in radio and what he’d like to see on the network. It’s a show you certainly won’t want to miss, so check out the archive only on the SNS Radio Network!


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