TNA Chat Live 03-28-13 now archived


TNA Chat Live returned to cover tonight’s live edition of Impact Wrestling. The BronxFather broke down what happened on Impact, including Aces and Eights and how they’ve advanced in some ways since Bully Ray was revealed as president. Bronx asked if TNA has lived up to the expectations the IWC had put on it awhile back, regarding going live and having shows in different arenas. The callers were mostly positive, although the host was none too happy about the Gut Check segment and neither were the listeners, if you read the SNS Facebook page. After the break, there was talk that Robbie E has apparently signed a new deal with TNA. Oh joy! Bronx wrapped up the show by talking about the shoot-style remarks Mr. Anderson made about Jeff Hardy, which were pretty harsh. Check out the archive right here on the SNS Radio Network!


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