TNA Chat Live 03-21-13 now archived


Tonight on TNA Chat Live, the BronxFather broke down what happened on Impact, including the Bully Rey promos where he explains how he worked everyone for over a year with the Aces and Eights angle. Bronx was happy about how those promos went down, and talked about how Bully Rey is one of the best heels in wrestling right now. Bronx then took some phone calls, with listeners not too happy about the recent changes in the X-Division, including weight limits and every X-Division title match being contested in a triple threat. After the break, Bronx and the listeners talked about where the Aces and Eights angle is going, and will Hogan actually be the one to ultimately battle Bully Rey! Most agree this isn’t a good idea. Before closing the show, the host gave a shout out to Chris Masters who saved his mother from being burned alive, before ending this week’s edition of TNA Chat Live on the SNS Radio Network!


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