TNA Chat Live 03-14-13 now archived


On this edition of TNA Chat Live, the BronxFather broke down his thoughts about Lockdown, and was pleasantly surprised by tonight’s edition of Impact, live from Chicago. The Aces and Eights storyline got a shot in the arm, with Bully Ray putting out some great promos, and also a very good showing by the TNA Knockouts. When the phone lines where opened, the callers poured in giving their opinions, challenging the host to comment on everything from storylines to promos to Matt Morgan and even the Knockouts division! After the break Bronx took more phone calls, and read some insightful emails regarding TNA. He also broke down some TNA news, including many female wrestlers declining to appear on one of TNA’s pre-recorded pay per views, and some bad news about TNA ticket sales. All this and more on an overtime edition of TNA Chat Live here on the SNS Radio Network!


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