TNA Chat Live 03-07-13 now archived


Tonight on TNA Chat Live, we had a go home show leading into TNA’s Lockdown Pay Per View this Sunday! The show started with a 10 bell salute to Paul Bearer, who passed away this last Tuesday. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and colleagues. The main topic was the reveal of a new Aces and Eights member, as the “VP’s” identity was shown, and it prompted a less than stellar reaction from the BronxFather. Immediately after opening the phone lines, a new caller called in and gave his theory about the reveal, and how it made sense in his opinion. A very good call indeed! After yet another call, Bronx took a break and then broke down the card for Lockdown, which looks to be a solid Pay Per View. Ashley from the Open Book called in, and talked about the female gut check that took place tonight. The host went over some booking scenarios with longtime caller L-Train before wrapping up the show right here on the SNS Radio Network!


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