TNA Chat Live 02-24-13 now archived


The BronxFather brings a special podcast edition of TNA Chat Live to the SNS Radio Network, to talk about the past Thursday’s Impact and some things going on both outside and inside TNA. Bronxy ran down Impact and what he liked and didn’t like about this episode. One of the topics discussed was Hulk Hogan making Bully Ray, an injured wrestler, the number one contender for the TNA World Title, and Velvet Sky winning the Knockouts title. The host talked about Hogan’s comments regarding Jeff Hardy, and why he agreed with what Hogan said, but NOT how he presented it. Inspired by Andy Knowles’ podcast the night before about Glenn Beck and his comments about the Jack Swagger “Tea Party” angle, Bronx gave his opinion which was rather blunt. In closing, we spoke about Scott Hall joining DDP’s Yoga program and the hopes that he will do well. Bronx also challenges the listeners to call and email the next live edition of TNA Chat Live, and ask them what they would do if they had the book in TNA. Check out this special archive edition of TNA Chat Live on the SNS Radio Network!


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