The Whole Indy Show 12-08-12 now archived


The Whole Indy show returns with Ashley being joined this week by Sandro as Randy is in progress in some major college work, but should be back for next week. Anyway, the guys first run through the news of the week, including John Morrison coming to DG USA for a show next month, a ROH talent who has seemingly had a meeting with WWE and the announcement of the National Pro Wrestling Day event in February. They also cover the results from the PWX and PWG shows from last weekend, as well as a very special match that happened last week in the UK as Prince Devitt took on Michael Elgin.

The second segment is about all things CHIKARA as Sandro gives his review of the Cibernetico Rises show from mid-November, with the big 16-man Cibernetico tournament, followed by Ashley’s review of last week’s iPPV, Under The Hood, featuring some action packed matches, some interesting returns and, as ever, some of the usual humor that CHIKARA normally has.

The final part has Sandro give his picks for the EVOLVE 18 iPPV, along with Ashley giving the results for the matches, given that the show had already taken place at the time of recording. (Sandro had not seen the results by the way, so his picks are not influenced by anything) Then both guys give their picks for the CZW iPPV, Cage Of Death 14, including a CZW Rules match between Sami Calihan & Adam Cole and the Cage Of Death match pitting DJ Hyde and Matt Tremont against each other once again. The guys then close out by taking Five as once again, the guys give you another weekly slice of indy goodness, only on the SNS Radio Network.

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