The Whole Indy Show 11-17-12 now archived


It’s time for another weekly slice of indy goodness with the Whole Indy Show on the SNS Radio Network. Ashley is running solo for this week, as it seems as if Randy may have been celebrating his birthday early! Randy should be back next week, but as ever the first segment has Ashley run down some of the big news stories with updates on the Kurt Angle being ‘scammed’ story from last week, as well as NWA seeing another surrender of a title, only this time it isn’t making a statement like Colt Cabana & Adam Pearce did a few weeks ago. Also mentioned is Punk having a special role this Thanksgiving, an update on the Kickstarter for the Dynamite Kid and soe news from Mexico & japan from Sandro’s email.

Part 2 sees a run through of the results for the CZW shows from last weekend, the Tribute To Brain Damage and Night Of Infamy 11, with some high-profile ROH talent involved and an extreme legend making a special appearance. Ashley also goes through the results from Chikara’s events, Zelda The Great & A Piece Of The Action, which both influence what could happen on the show set for this weekend.

Speaking of that, the final segment has Ashley’s thoughts and picks on Chikara’s The Cibernetico Rises show from New York, as well as CHIKARA’s spin-off, Wrestling Is Fun, who once again are having their live event being broadcast for FREE on Smark Mark Video On Demand’s website THIS SATURDAY (17th November). If you manage to see it, we want your thoughts on the event, what you liked or disliked, whatever you want to talk about in relation to the event, email in to the show at [email protected] and we will get your responses on next week’s show.

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