The Whole Indy Show 07-31-15


Ashley & Sandro are back with another episode of The Whole Indy Show. The news features thought’s on Chikara’s new live show, ‘Journey Into Chikara’ as well as new teams for King Of Trios, matches announced for PWG’s BOLA 2015 and EVOLVE’s return to NY in a few weeks and a missing Dragon Gate title belt in Japan. There’s then results from last week’s G1 Climax 25 matches, with some additional New Japan news, CWF Mid Atlantic, SHINE & Chikara.

Results continue in part 2, with Beyond Wrestling, Ring Of Honor (including some TV taping spoilers) and PWG covered. Then there’s previews of North East Wrestling’s ‘Wrestling Under The Stars 4’ and its Tour show in Lowell, MA, NYWC’s ‘Trust No-One 2015’, Dreamwave Wrestling’s ‘Adversity’ and more matches in the G1 Climax 25 from New Japan.


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