The Pro Wrestling Rewind 06-07-2016



This week on the Pro Wrestling Rewind, Andy and Bronx started off by talking about WWE hiring a former Barbie Doll exec.  No, not a new “Diva,” but a new marketing employee who formerly worked for Mattel.  The boys started to talk NXT Takeover, but Andy began to have computer issues, which caused a MASSIVE rant about his temporary studio, his wireless mouse and the WWE product.  Andy was so angry he attempted to end the show early, but Bronx, utilizing the Speed Force, had to step in and save the show.  Bronx discussed his excitement over NXT Takeover, and his shock about Brock Lesnar competing in the UFC WHILE STILL UNDER A WWE CONTRACT!  What could this mean?  In the end, T allowed time to flow once again, and he and Andy ended the show.  Check out the archive and visit our sponsor Evil Seed Sauces over at, and enjoy all the archives here on the SNS Radio Network.

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