The Pro Wrestling Rewind 05-04-2016



On this edition of the Pro Wrestling Rewind, BronxZilla Tony Mirabella and the Power Andy Knowles kick off the show by talking about the results of Payback. Andy and Bronx got into a huge disagreement over how the Enzo and Cass VS The Vaudevillains qualifying match ended, as Enzo suffered a serious concussion and the match had to be stopped prematurely. The Power felt that the referee should have counted Enzo out. Bronx vehemently disagreed, as he pointed out that an injury is just cause to end a match immediately. The match was considered a no-contest. In the end the hosts agreed to disagree. Andy was also very critical of the ending to the Natalia VS Charlotte match. Bronx agreed, but for a different reason. We then delved into the situation with Ryback, who recently made it public that he is EXTREMELY unhappy with his position and paycheck in WWE. Again, the hosts disagreed, with Andy calling Ryback “whiny” and Bronx saying Ryback made some good points. Adam Rose also has a beef with WWE, as he is fighting his 60 day suspension for a wellness violation. We closed the show with some TNA news. Check out the show and visit our sponsor Evil Seed Sauces over at Thanks for listening to the Rewind only on the SNS Radio Network!

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