The Pro Wrestling Rewind 04-21-2016



This week on the Pro Wrestling Rewind, the first two segments of the show were dedicated to discussing the life and times of Chyna, Joan Laurer.  Both The Power Andy Knowles and BronxZilla Tony Mirabella were deeply saddened to learn of her passing less than 24 hours before this recording.  Her death has been covered across all media outlets, and the Rewind is no different.  We played some audio from Chyna’s last days, and Bronx and Andy had to admit that Chyna did not sound well.  Bronx then went to play some more audio showing another side to Chyna, as a musician.  We at the Pro Wrestling Rewind and the SNS Radio Network would like to send our thoughts and prayers out to the family and friends of Chyna.  In the last segment, things took a more light-hearted tone as we talked about the Bullet Club, and both hosts agreed that they REALLY like Enzo and Cas, and the future of the tag team titles.  We also talked about the upcoming Fight For The Mind event in upstate New York, where Andy Knowles will make his ring announcer debut!  Visit them at for more details, and also visit our sponsor Evil Seed Sauces over at  Thanks for listening to the Pro Wrestling Rewind only on the SNS Radio Network.

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