The Open Book 07-05-13 now archived


The Open Book flew onto the airwaves of the SNS Radio Network with a packed show. In the 1st segment the boys covered a email from Danny VanDam about wrestling, but Sean and Ashley got sidetracked with how things should change in TNA, and never finished WWE. In the 2nd segment the boys talked all the latest in the video game world, plus some long debates on several topics, before Sean talked Company of Heroes 2 and gave his review. And in the 3rd segment the boys talked some entertainment news, with a long conversation about Phase 2 and 3 of the Marvel universe and other things dealing with Marvel characters before Sean finished out the segment with a review of the Lone Ranger. All this plus phone calls from Anthony, and a surprising phone call from the birthday boy, L-Train (who was at a wrestling match and ended up giving a very interesting call). All this plus more on this packed episode of the Open Book.


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