The Open Book 06-28-13 now archived


The Open Book returned to the airwaves after a week off. The first segment saw a special co-host, The Voice of the People, the Bronxfather join the boys as they discussed their top 5 matches of the year so far, and their 5 worst matches of the year so far, but before that even happens, the show breaks down faster than when L-Train calls in. In the second segment Sean and Ashley discuss all the latest gaming news from the Xbox 180 to some talk about Hotline Miami 2, as that led to Ashley talking about his trip to Rezzed. Also Sean gave his review for Last of Us, and ended up being as spoiler free as he could be. And in the final segment the boys discussed some entertainment news about Xmen: Days of Future Past and Avengers 2. All this plus a phone call from L-Train that made the show become even more of a train wreck, only on the Open Book.


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