The Joystiq Indie Pitch: Unmechanical

Indie developers are the starving artists of the video-game world, often brilliant and innovative, but also misunderstood, underfunded and more prone to writing free-form poetry on their LiveJournals. We believe they deserve a wider audience with the Joystiq Indie Pitch: This week, Jesper Engström of Sweden’s Talawa Games talks his BIG win in Brazil with PC puzzler Unmechanical.

The Joystiq Indie Pitch Unmechanical

What’s your game called and what’s it about?

Unmechanical is a 2.5D, side-scrolling, puzzle adventure game about a small helicopter-like creature who gets pulled down into a bizarre, underground world. The rest you need to find out for yourself as you venture through this strange and slightly creepy place.

What’s the story behind Unmechanical‘s strange name?

One of the key components we wanted for the game was the mixture of the organic and the mechanical together, so one of our team members just thought Unmechanical sounded good and we stuck with it. Unmechanical is obviously not a “real” word, and the appropriate phrase would be “non-mechanical” or “not mechanical.”

Some figure it was a translation error from Swedish to English to go “unmechanical,” but it’s meant as a play of words in the same sense as “undead” probably was when it was first coined. In the end it suited us just fine as it gives our game more recognition with just one made up word and the meaning we wanted is still there.

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