The Joystiq Indie Pitch: Beast Boxing Turbo

Indie developers are the starving artists of the video-game world, often brilliant and innovative, but also misunderstood, underfunded and more prone to writing free-form poetry on their LiveJournals. We believe they deserve a wider audience with the Joystiq Indie Pitch: This week, Gordon Luk of Goodhustle Studios knocks out some details about Beast Boxing Turbo, a collaboration with Hawken‘s Khang Le, for PC and Mac.

What’s your game called and what’s it about?

Beast Boxing Turbo is a first-person monster boxing game for PC and Mac.

You play as a lowly human who has to fight wearing a monster costume, as humans aren’t allowed in the Beast Boxing leagues. You find a pig coach who is willing to help, and you set off on a quest for strength, fame and glory.

Aside from the monster-punching action, Beast Boxing Turbo features frenetic, challenging gameplay, a story with four leagues to beat, skills that can be leveled way up, and 35+ unique pieces of boxing gear to mix and match. The whole game is rendered in a beautiful, hand-painted style, with detailed, imaginative monsters and environments.

Do you see yourself as part of a larger indie movement?

Beast Boxing has been more about quality of gameplay than breaking new ground, so it doesn’t have the typical “indie” vibe, even though it’s self-published. In indie games, people are a part of the products, and I’m more of a behind-the-scenes kind of person. Khang is too, but has been showing up a lot more lately because of Hawken. However, we’re both passionate about our work, so maybe it’s just about getting enough titles under our belt that people will know what to expect from one of our games.

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