SNS UnPlugged Ep 9 “Lex Express” 8-13-13 now archived


Luger UnPlugged

SNS UnPlugged returned to the airwaves on the SNS Radio Network ( on 8-13-13 with “The Bronx-Father” Tony J. Mirabella
and “Mr. Money on the Mic”Jeff Jackson.
The boys start off the show with special guest The former 2 Time WCW World Champion and author “The Total Package” Lex Luger to talk about his autobiography “Wrestling with the Devil” and moments from his storied wrestling

(interview starts at the 4 min mark)
(6:20 mark) Lex talks about getting started in wrestling training with Hiro Matsuda and others Matsuda trained in the bussiness.
(8 min mark) Lex discusses the transition from the Narcissist to the All American Lex Luger, how it came about and working with Yokozuna.
(15 min mark) Lex talks about he and Bret Hart and the finish of the Royal Rumble 94 match and Wrestlemania 10.
(16:45 mark) Lex explains his role in the WBF
(18 min mark) Lex talks a his fued with Nikita Koloff over the US Championship and being a horseman, tagging with Sting.
(20 min mark) Winning the WCW World Heavyweight Championship and the controversy surrounding the depature of Ric Flair and how he ended up getting the oppurtunity and working with Harley Race.
(24:30 mark) Lex talks about winning the WCW World Heavyweight Championship from Hulk Hogan in 1997 striking a huge blow to the NWO and turning the tide for WCW.
(28 min mark) Lex talks about the angle with Tatanka leading into
SummerSlam 94 and walking the line between babyface and heel.
(30 min mark) Lex talks about who he enjoyed working with, working with Stan Hansen and who didnt get to work with in wrestling.
(34 min mark ) Lex talks about teaming with Davey Boy Smith and a funny story about being ribbed by Davey and Owen Hart.
(37 min mark) Lex talks about the toll his body took in wrestling and finding his faith in the Lord that changed his life.
(40 min mark) Lex explains how he came up with the Lex Luger name.
(43:30) Working on the Superboy Tv Series in the 90’s for a cameo and the diffrences between tv shows and wrestling on tv.
(44:50)The origin of the “Total Package “moniker.
(46 min mark) The infamous Bash at the Beach 96 match and if he was ever in play as the 3rd man.
(47:15) JJ tella story about his 6 yr old playing classic SNES Wrestling games and her favorite character being Lex Luger.
(49 min mark) Lex talks about diffrences in working with both WWE and WCW and the infamous WCW redebut on Nitro and the popularity of The Wolfpac.
(53 min mark) Lex explains what to expect in his autobiography “Wrestling with the Devil” His Reign,Ruin,and Redemption now available in stores.
The boys wrap up the interview with Lex at the 55 min mark in a nearly hour long conversation with one of the most recognizable names in pro wrestling espicially at the height of the Monday Night Wars.
After the first commercial break it was time to hit the “RAW Reaction” segment as Tony ran down the results from the 8-12-13 “Go Home” edition leading into Sundays SummerSlam PPV. (Segment starts at the 61 min mark)
JJ and Bronx discuss their thoughts on the show and introduce a special guest to the show as The TreyDawg stops to join in the fun. (starts at the 75 min mark)
Sean Beckerman stops by for “This Day in Wrestling History” as he goes back to 2001 to the birth of Stone Cold Steve Austin’s “WHAT” chant.
(segment starts at 2 hr 10 min mark)
JJ discusses the latest “NXT Rewind” for the week of 8-8-13 as Dean Ambrose defends the US championship against Adrian Neville, and Bo Dallas defended the NXT Championship against Leo Kreuger.
(segment begins at the 2 hr and 15 min mark)
JJ and Bronx rundown the latest “News of the Week” sponsored by including the latest news on WWE2K14. (Segment starts at 156 min mark)
JJ and Bronx open the phone lines and talk with a few callers about the WWE2K14 Videogame, Summerslam and a few various topics and Mindwipe calls in to talk to Bronx about comments made on the latest edition of SNS UnPlugged…UnCensored…UnScripted…UnBelievable…UnPlugged.

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