SNS UnPlugged Ep 67 “Simply Genius” 02-01-2015 Now Archived


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This week on Unplugged, “Mr. Money On The Mic” Jeff Jackson and “BronxZilla” Tony Mirabella started off the show by talking about all the fallout from the Royal Rumble. Both hosts had cooled down from the lackluster Rumble, and JJ tossed around some ideas of how the WWE could fix the predicament that they’ve put themselves in. There was, of course, talk about Daniel Bryan and Rumble winner Roman Reigns, and what could be done to salvage Wrestlemania. After the break, the boys talked about the induction of the Macho Man Randy Savage into the 2015 WWE Hall Of Fame. This segued into Macho Man’s brother, “The Genius” Lanny Poffo joining us on the show! Lanny talked about his family’s hesitation to have Randy inducted by himself, and how Lanny stepped up and helped make the induction possible. Lanny talked about Randy’s relationship with Hulk Hogan toward the end of Randy’s life, and how Lanny feels about the Hulkster inducting his brother. Lanny also had some controversial things to say regarding a certain wrestling family, and gave his thoughts on Miss Elizabeth, and whether or not she should be in the Hall Of Fame. After we said goodbye to Lanny, Sandro from The Whole Indy Show joined us to discuss this past week’s episode of Lucha Underground, which ended with Cage tearing the Lucha Underground title in half! Yes, you read that correctly! It was then on to some NXT talk, and with Harmony out of town, JJ stepped up and recapped NXT for us, which saw, among many things, new tag team champions crowned. The boy ended the show by reading emails, and playing a VERY compelling voicemail left by listener TehLou. So, check it out only on the SNS Radio Network.

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