SNS UnPlugged Ep 66 “Many Happy Returns” 01-19-2015 now archived


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SNS Unplugged returned for its first full length episode of 2015 with “Mr. Money On The Mic” Jeff Jackson and “BronxZilla” Tony J. Mirabella. The boys started off the show by going over the January 12th edition of Monday Night Raw, which saw John Cena fail to defeat Seth Rollins in a lumberjack match to get Ryback, Ziggler and Rowan rehired. Dean Ambrose went into therapy, and Daniel Bryan announced that he wants to be part of the Royal Rumble. The highlight of the show was the announcement that Macho Man Randy Savage would be inducted into the WWE 2015 Hall Of Fame, with Hogan inducting him. After the break, JJ and Bronx welcomed the new NXT recapper, the First Lady Of The SNS Radio Network, Harmony “Boom Boom” Jackson. Harmony recapped the latest edition of NXT, including an NXT world title defense. JJ shocked the wrestling radio world and Harmony when he proclaimed that two of the matches on NXT should have ended in count out or DQ! Next up was the Lucha Underground Recap, and its new host, Sandro from The Whole Indy Show! Sandro went in-depth with his recap, giving us not only the matches and results from the latest Lucha Underground Show, but background on the indy histories of some of the wrestlers as well. After saying goodnight to Sandro, Bronx and JJ finished the show with News Of The Week, sponsored by This included a story featuring Ashley Massaro and Tammy Sytch. Tammy’s comments resulted in a truly revolting picture being put up of Tammy! Be thankful this show is audio only! So, check out the new Unplugged for the new year only on the SNS Radio Network.

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Cohost of Unplugged with Mr. Money On The Mic Jeff Jackson, and also cohost of Sunday Night Showdown. Host and producer of SNS Get In The Zone.