SNS UnPlugged Ep 59 “Mundo & The Madness” 10-21-14 now archived


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SNS UnPlugged returned to the airwaves on the SNS Radio Network ( on 10-21-14 with “BronxZilla” Tony J. Mirabella
and “Mr. Money on the Mic” Jeff Jackson.
JJ and Bronx briefly discuss the latest episode of the Monday Night War on the WWE Network that featured the rise and fall of Goldberg.
JJ and Bronx welcomed former WWE Superstar John Morrison now under the moniker of
Johnny Mundo for Lucha Underground on the El Rey Network to the show.
Interview begins at the 11:45 min mark in the show.
Johnny discusses his time as Johnny Nitro the apprentice to Eric Bischoff on RAW and the suggested name for his finisher, working with Melina and Mercury as MNM.
Johnny discusses Lucha Underground and what makes it diffrent from every other company in wrestling.
Johnyy talks about his current projects including movies, and out of your mind fitness, working for the WWE, some of his favorite matches, and his recent portrayel of Casey Jones vs Kickass in the popular Super Power Beatdown series and hints to a future episode where he will portray the Winter Soldier.

Johnny Mundo Morrison was on the program for around 30 minutes in a very laidback and fun interview…be sure and check out Lucha Underground as it debuts on Wednesday night Oct 29th at 8pm Est on the El Rey Network.

After the break Bronx recapped the 10-20-14 “Go Home”edition of RAW leading into Sunday’s Hell in a Cell (Sunday Night Showdown will return to cover Hell in a Cell starting at 8pm Est on the SNS Radio Network) that featured Ambrose and Cena vs Kane, Orton, and Seth Rollins in a 3 on 2 handicap street fight…well sorta, Rusev kicks the head off a “soldier” and Big Show goes nuts, Cena ,Orton, and Heyman deliver a golden promo, and more.
JJ and Bronx give their thoughts on the show via the “RAW Reaction” and things get heated as they disagree on the Big Show Rusev angle.
After the break Bronx gets hung up on who Bobby Brown is and hillarity ensues as JJ and Farley give Bronx the Dunce cap.
Farley recaps the latest episode of NXT via the “NXT Rewind”
JJ breaks down the latest “News of the Week” sponsored by featuring news on Stephanie McMahon, The Rock vs The Great Muta, the passing of a Wrestling Legend, and more.
After the final break Bronx once again inserts foot in mouth leading to a funny conversation between the diffrences between Michael Jackson from child to Adult and the boys read emails from the last few weeks before calling it a night and JJ accussing Bronx of being less than truthful with a special song of the night The Eurythmics “Would I lie to you” on the latest episode of SNS UnPlugged on the SNS Radio Network.
UnScripted…….UnCensored…….UnBelievable…..It’s UnPlugged. #U4L

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