SNS UnPlugged Ep 58 “The one with the Rubber Tortillia” 10-14-14 now archived


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SNS UnPlugged returned to the SNS Radio Network ( on 10-14-14 after a 2 week Hiatus with “Bronxzilla” Tony J. Mirabella and
“Mr. Money on the Mic” Jeff Jackson.
JJ & Bronx explained why the show was on hiatus and discussed their respective week and how great it was to be back, plus whats the Origin of Canadian Thanksgiving?
Sean Beckerman stopped by for another edition of “This Day in Wrestling History” focusing on the life of Capt Lou Albano.
JJ and Bronx discuss their thoughts and memories of Capt Lou and his infamous stint as Super Mario.
After the break Bronx recapped the 10-13-14 edition of RAW from Atlanta,GA and featured double duty for Dean Ambrose and John Cena as they were forced to team up together to take on The Uso’s and Goldust & Stardust. Ambrose & Cena would later wrestle each other in the Main Event in a contract and a pole match for the oppurtunity to face Seth Rollins at Hell in a Cell. Randy Orton once again proved how great his in ring skills and timing are in a match against “The Showoff” Dolph Ziggler and another awesome RKO outta nowhere.
JJ and Bronx gave their thoughts on the show via the “RAW Reacrtion”.
After the break JJ and Bronx welcomed Anthony Farley to the program for the “NXT Rewind”. Anthony recapped NXT and he and JJ discussed their thoughts on the show and JJ gave Anthony a Rubber Tortillia for a job well done …only to have it taken away moments later.
JJ randown the latest “News of the Week” sponsored by and the W-O Newsletter featuring news on Hulk Hogan and some disburbing Nick Hogan news, The latest on Kurt Angle’s contract status, Justin Roberts gets Future Endeavored and more.
JJ goes on a mini rant on Dixie Carter and her idiotic postings on twitter.
After the break JJ recaps the Season Premeire of The Walking Dead and the intense episode that kept viewers on an emotional rollercoaster ….JJ also has a little fun with a moment from the show between Daryl, Carol….and a Crossbow. Anthony Farley rejoins the show to talk about the Walking Dead before JJ and Bronx call it a night with a special “Song of the Night” as JJ plays “Blackbird” from a previous season of the Walking Dead on this latest edition of SNS UnPlugged exclusively on the SNS Radio Network.
UnScripted…….UnCensored…….UnBelievable……It’s UnPlugged. #U4L

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