SNS UnPlugged Ep 49 “Buff the Magic Dragon” 7-29-14 now archived


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SNS UnPlugged returned to the airwaves on 7-29-14 on the SNS Radio Network ( with “Bronxzilla” Tony J. Mirabella and
“Mr. Money on the Mic” Jeff Jackson.
Bronx and JJ discussed their week as Bronx was dealing with an issue and JJ was cool calm and collected poolside.
Sean Beckerman dropped by for another edition of “This Day in Wrestling History” focusing on a few championship notes and the 7-29-96 edition of WCW Monday Nitro that saw the NWO attack backstage laying out WCW Talent with baseball bats and Rey Mysterio lawndarted into the production truck. “This Day in Wrestling History” is sponsored by “The Beyond the Bell “podcast.
JJ and Bronx discuss that surreal moment in WCW history and the effect it had on wrestling fans who actually called the cops because it was so real to them…JJ maintains its the single greatest angle WCW ever did.
After the first break JJ and Bronx discuss briefly why so many 80’s and 90’s tunes are played on the show .
Bronx recaps the 7-28-14 edition of RAW from Houston, TX…That saw Bo Dallas lose his streak and his temper, John Cena cuts a fantastic promo and wrestles Cesaro in a great match, Randy Orton returns to rare form by destroying Roman Reigns, and Stephanie confronts Brie Bella to main event the show.
JJ and Bronx discuss their thoughts on the show via “The RAW Reaction” as JJ defends WWE’s decision to close out the show with a female angle to build toward Summerslam….as well as why Bo losing to Truth was a good thing.
After the break Anthony Farley joined the show to discuss NXT as the build toward Adrian Neville and Tyler Breeze continues and Rusev dominates Neville.
JJ runsdown a huge “News of the Week”segment sponsored by featuring news on The Rock getting Smacked Down at the Box Office, A new Career for Buff Bagwell, and TNA possibly losing their TV contract with Spike TV. (Note: The News segment may cause you to lose bladder control….you have been warned!)
After the final break the show went into overtime as JJ read a few emails and took phonecalls before wrapping the show with a classic request ….Peter, Paul, and Mary’s “Puff the Magic Dragon” on this latest episode of UnPlugged exclusively on the SNS Radio Network.
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