SNS UnPlugged Ep 47 “Big Gold Bye Bye” 7-15-14 now archived


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SNS UnPlugged returned to the airwaves on 7-15-14 on the SNS Radio Network ( with “Bronxzilla” Tony J. Mirabella and
“Mr. Money on the Mic”Jeff Jackson.
The boys discuss whats been going on in their lives this week as JJ has a new nickname for Bronxy, and Bronx explains his side of the story.
Sean Beckerman drops by for another edition of “This day in Wrestling History” taking us back to 7-15-02 and the Shocking debut of Eric Bischoff on RAW as the new General Manager.
JJ and Bronx remember the debut of Bischoff on RAW and discuss their thoughts on seeing it live and their reactions.
After the first break it was time to delve into the 7-14-14 “Go Home” edition
of RAW going into Sunday’s WWE Special Event/PPV “Battleground”. Bronx broke down what happened on RAW as things heated up between Swagger and Rusev, Ambrose takes a beating by the Authority, Sandow and Rose shill Sonic, and John Cena gives The Nature Boy the World Heavyweight title…. and more.
Bad News Bane returned to deliver a little bad news ….and had a special message for Bronx.
JJ and Bronx give their very honest views on the show in the “RAW Reaction”.
After the 2nd break JJ and Bronx welcome Anthony Farley to the show to recap the latest episode of NXT via the “NXT Rewind”.
JJ randown the “News of the Week” sponsored by including the latest on Sting, Kurt Angle turns down a TNA Contract, CM Punk becomes WWE Alumni, AND MORE.
JJ and Bronx give their thoughts on the depature of CM Punk and his blatant unprofessionalism in the matter….WARNING CM Punk fans will not like this segment.
After the final break it was time to wrap things up on the show as the boys plugged the network shows and played a Special song of the night from the new Weird Al Yankovich album “Tacky” on the latest episode of SNS UnPlugged exclusively on the SNS Radio Network.
UnScripted………UnCensored…….UnBelievable……It’s UnPlugged. U4L

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