SNS UnPlugged Ep 45 “Celebration” 7-1-14 now archived


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SNS UnPlugged returned to the airwaves on the SNS Radio Network to Celebrate the 1 year return anniversary of UnPlugged on 7-1-14 with “Bronxzilla” Tony J. Mirabella
and “Mr. Money on the Mic” Jeff Jackson.
JJ and Bronx reflected on the past year of the show and aired a clip from the Lex Luger interview from show #9 where Lex talk about Steve Austin and his relationship with Owen Hart and Davey Boy Smith.
JJ and Bronx are joined by Special guest Graphic Designer John Lefteratos who designed the new WWE Network logo and how the process came about. John was also a wrestling fan so the conversation covered his fandom of the WWE in this fun and informative interview.
Sean Beckerman stopped by for another edition of “This Day in Wrestling History” taking us back to 1991 and the depature of Ric Flair from the NWA/WCW taking the Big Gold World Heavyweight Championship with him.
JJ and Bronx discuss the depature of Ric Flair and how things might have been diffrent had Wrestlemania 8 headlined with Hogan vs Flair for the WWF Championship.
JJ played a clip from episode #10 “Dislocated Mexican” about Sin Cara’s finger injury that upset some listeners…but definately a memorable moment.
After the break JJ played a clip from Episode #18 2K to JFK with 2K games Game Designer Bryan Williams and the Govenor Jesse “The Body “Ventura.
Bronx recapped the 6-30-14 edition of RAW that featured the returns of The Miz, Chris Jericho, and AJ Lee who regained the Diva’s championship.
JJ and Bronx give their thoughts on the the show via the “RAW Reaction” on what was a very entertaining RAW. JJ discussed why John Cena is currently the champion and calls for the banning of the tombstone piledriver/piledriver in general. JJ also gives a booking scenario for Smackdown that could have been huge and given Rusev nuclear heat…however JJ was informed of the Smackdown spoilers and it was certainly a missed oppurtunity.
After the break it was time to talk NXT with Anthony Farley and the “NXT Rewind”. JJ and Farley discuss the “Vaude Villains” Becky Lynch and her very Irish gimmick, and more.
Before JJ lets Farley go he plays a clip from Episode #21 Showtuned where JJ talks Aiden English and begins to sing like English derailing the show as Bronx and Farley lose it…
Bad News Bane makes a suprise return to the show and promises to rain down terror on UnPlugged.
JJ plays a clip from Episode #26 talking about his broken Zangief figure.
JJ runsdown the “News of the Week”sponsored by talking about positive and negative changes for TNA,Kenta to WWE, EMMA shoplifts , and so much more.
JJ plays another clip from Episode #26 “The Phenomenal One” in which Bronx asks AJ which gaming system he prefers.
JJ and Bronx talk about how chill the interview was and how AJ was very happy to talk about something other than wrestling…espicially gaming.
After the break JJ plays the final clip of the night from episode #28 “Cornette Unleashed” which provided some great soundbytes of Cornettes disdain for both Dixie Carter and Vince Russo.
Bronx remembers his early experience as a listener for the original incarnation of Unplugged and now as a host on the show.
JJ reads an email from DJ congratulating SNS Unplugged on the 1 year anniversary and his thoughts on RAW and more.
JJ and Bronx wrap the show with a special song of the night dedicated to Emma…Inner Circle “Bad Boys” on this Season Premiere of SNS UnPlugged exclusively on the SNS Radio Network.
UnScripted……UnCensored……UnBeliavable….It’s UnPlugged.

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