SNS UnPlugged Ep 40 “I’ve Got The Power” 5-7-14 now archived


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With “Mr. Money On The Mic” Jeff Jackson not available due to sickness, “BronZilla” took the reigns for this edition of Unplugged, but he was not alone. Returning to the SNS Radio Network was “The Power” Andy Knowles to give Bronx some backup! The two started the show off with “This Day In Wrestling History,” which culminated with a classic Terry Funk promo directed at Ric Flair. Bronx and Andy got into some old school wrestling talk, before transitioning into the Raw Reaction, which saw the Shield get decimated by Evolution, and Bray Wyatt cutting yet another cryptic promo. To BronxZilla’s shock, Andy revealed that he is not at all a fan of Bray Wyatt, and the two got into a rather heated discussion, with Bronx considering Bray the best promo in a long time. The Power strongly disagreed, and the two went back and forth for awhile. Finally, after the break, AnthonyFarley was brought on to do the NXT recap. After this, yet another heated debate arose, and Anthony and Power began to argue about Paige being stripped of her NXT women’s title by JBL. When Bronx finally regained control, he played a clip from the Wrestleview show “Internation Desk” from about a month ago, in which Andy predicted that Paige would eventually take the title from AJ Lee. Bronx went over some news, sponsored by, and Andy also read a very touching news story about how Daniel Bryan and the entire WWE helped to give a dying child a very wonderful experience at Wrestlemania. The WWE put up a beautiful tribute video to little Connor, who unfortunately passed away soon after. Andy gave a very touching speech about how pro wrestlers have the power to make a difference. The hosts then took a call from L-Train before wrapping up this unusual and possibly controversial edition of Unplugged here on the SNS Radio Network.

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Cohost of Unplugged with Mr. Money On The Mic Jeff Jackson, and also cohost of Sunday Night Showdown. Host and producer of SNS Get In The Zone.