SNS UnPlugged Ep 28 “Cornette Unleashed” 1-28-14 now archived


On this edition of Unplugged, “BronxZilla” Tony J. Mirabella had to go solo, as JJ had personal business to attend to.  Bronx started off by announcing that Unplugged had won 2013 Editor’s Choice Media Interview Of The Year in the Wrestling Radio Awards.  After playing a clip from the WRAs, we went back in time with “This Date In Wrestling History,” where Sean Beckerman from Beyond The Bell took us back to some classic Royal Rumble moments.  Next was the Raw Reaction, and BronxZilla gave his opinions on Raw, which he thought was a good show, and Dave Bootista.  AnthonyFarley from Get In The Zone came on to recap WWE NXT, and after the break the Jim Cornette interview conducted by JJ, Bronx and Shark was aired.  Some of the highlights were:

* Jim’s upcoming European Tour

* Jim’s fear of flying

* Jim’s humorous opinions on Vince Russo
* What Cornette thinks of John Cena turning heel
* What he thinks about Sting possibly going to WWE

* His harsh words for the Ultimate Warrior

* Dueling Dustys!  (you have to hear it to believe it)


After the interview, Bronx attempted to read some news from, but the show was hijacked by Bad News Bane, who had some bad news for both WWE and TNA!  Finally, Bronxy regained control and read some news stories, took a phonecall from Sandro of the Whole Indy Show, and read a VERY non-PG email about Triple H’s friends!  Bronx then tried to close the show as usual with some Happy Trails, and trailed behind a bit on this special edition of Unplugged on the SNS Radio Network.



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