SNS UnPlugged Ep 27 “Snake-Bit” 1-22-14 now archived



SNS UnPlugged returned to the SNS Radio Network ( for a special Wednesday edition on 1-22-14 with “Bronx-Zilla” Tony J. Mirabella and
“Mr. Money on the Mic” Jeff Jackson.
JJ started off the show making an announcement regarding next weeks scheduled interview with a very controversial wrestling personality…the former manager of The Midnight Express…James E. Cornette. ( segment starts at the 10 min mark).
Sean Beckerman stops by for another edition of “This Day in Wrestling History” talking about the 1990 & 2001 Royal Rumble. (segment starts at the 15 min mark).
JJ and Bronx discuss the first time the Warrior and Hogan collided at the Royal Rumble and how the match at Wrestlemania 6 started at the Rumble. Also Austin winning the 2001 Rumble and having an epic match with The Rock at Wrestlemania X7.(segment starts at the 20 min mark).
Bronx recaps the 1-20-14 edition of RAW as Batista returned in Skinny Jeans and about 100lbs lighter…and no one really cared , Daniel Bryan challenged Bray Wyatt , and John Cena showed up 2hrs and 55 min late …and still no one cared. JJ and Bronx give their thoughts and very candid opinions on the show via the “RAW Reaction”. (segment starts at the 28 min mark).
Anthony Farley joined the show for the “NXT Rewind” talking about the latest episode of NXT featuring a fantastic match between Adrian Neville vs Tyler Brieze. JJ and Anthony discussed the good and bad from the episode.
(segment starts at the 76 min mark).
Bad News Bane returned this week to deliver yet again….MORE BAD NEWS involving the Hulkster and his extra-curricular activities…Your Welcome.
(segment starts at the 96 min mark).
JJ Randown the “News of the Week” sponsored by including the latest on the Hulkster, Sting’s TNA Contract status, and Jake the Snake attacks the Warrior online…chaos ensues….all that and more. (segment starts at the 99 min mark). (note: JJ really rips into Jake Roberts and the situation and some may find his comments somewhat controversial).
JJ and Bronx read an email from a listener praising the boys on the AJ Styles interview and asked a few questions regarding Rumble winner and more before wrapping up the show on this latest episode of UnPlugged.
UnScripted….UnCensored……UnBelievable…..its UnPlugged.

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