SNS UnPlugged Ep 26 “The Phenomenal One” 1-14-14 now archived


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SNS Unplugged returned to the airwaves on the SNS Radio Network ( for the 2nd episode of the 2014 season with
“The Bronx-Father” Tony J. Mirabella and “Mr. Money on the Mic” Jeff Jackson.
In this blockbuster edition “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles joined the show in a must hear 2 hr interview ranging from pro wrestling, conspiracy theories, and
even videogaming.
JJ &|Bronx begin the show talking about JJ’s Special Delivery from China ( an 8 inch Zangief Action Figure) that arrived somewhat damaged and the hilarity and frustration that ensued. (Segment starts at 7 min mark)
Sean Beckerman drops by once again for another edition of “This Day in Wrestling History” focusing on January 14th 2001 and the horrific injury that Sid Vicious suffered in WCW.(Segment begins at the 14 min mark)
After the first break JJ and Bronx welcome the former TNA World Heavyweight Champion , The first Grand Slam Champion of TNA , and the current Free Agent
“The Phenomenal” AJ Styles. (Interview begins at the 29 min mark)
Topics discussed in this 2 hr interview include working with Ring of Honor once again , Life after TNA Wrestling, Working in Japan, playing the goof to both Angle and Christian , Ideas he had for Fortune that never happened, His intial thoughts of Hogan and Bischoff coming in to TNA , The Demise of the 6 sided ring, JJ discusses why he stopped watching TNA IN 2010 After a listener question is asked for AJ that got misunderstood , AJ’s fued with Kurt Angle, The chemistry with both Daniels and Samoa Joe, The Claire Lynch Angle and why AJ thought it failed, His depature from TNA Wrestling that is 100% legit , Fans being disrespectful to him for leaving TNA, How he felt that he and TNA could not come to terms leading to his depature, Has he heard from the WWE?, A brief discussion about 911 and conspiracy’s, Xbox vs Playstation, TNA Impact the Video game and AJ’s role in its development and his disappointment with the finished product, discussion about the old school AKI produced wrestling games and Virtual Pro Wrestling 2 on the N64, AJ tells a story about being kicked out of Canada by customs, and more in this “Phenomenal” interview.
JJ and Bronx came back after the break focused on bussiness as usual as it was time to discuss the 1-13-14 edition of RAW and the boys gave their thoughts and opinions on the show including the awesome ending and huge crowd reaction to Daniel Bryan via the “RAW Reaction”.(Segment starts at the 145 min mark).
JJ and Bronx bring in Anthony Farley to cover the latest episode of NXT via the “NXT Rewind”.(segment begins at the 183 min mark)
JJ runsdown the latest “News of the Week” sponsored by including news on Kaitlyns depature from WWE, a few TNA Releases, What Ken Shamrock is doing these days, The top ten richiest wrestlers in the world,and more. (segment starts at the 197 min mark).
And JJ plays a Special Song of the night dedicated to the Late Mae Young who passed away during the show confirmed by WWE “Simply the Best” by Tina Turner.
Unscripted …..Uncensored…..Unbelievable….its Unplugged .

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