SNS Sticks & Flicks 09-15-14 now archived


SNS Sticks & Flicks returns with a new episode and this week Ashley Richardson is joined by Mindwipe from the Elie Force Podcast to talk all things gaming, film and entertainment related. The video gaming news actually opens with tech news this time as they cover the major announcements from Apple’s reveal from last week, but then transitions into gaming news, including Capcom suing Koei Tecmo over 50 games, GTAV gets next gen & PC release dates, good and bad news regarding details of Resident Evil Revelations 2, Sony’s dominance on the console front in the US and Microsft’s less than dominant launch in Japan, a whole bunch of games get confirmed or delayed release dates and Super Smash has launched in Japan and the secrets are being revealed.

The movie & entertainment discussion starts with respects paid to the family and friends of Richard Kiel, most famously recognised as Jaws from the James Bond Franchise. The news includes two major movies in the works for Morgan Freeman, Paul Greengrass may be directing another fact-based movie, a rumor suggests that Robert Downey Jr may be in the Assassin’s Creed movie, 23 Jump Street may actually be happening, Karl Urban hints at what a new Dread movie may be about and Downton Abbey may be meeting Danny Ocean at the end of the year. Ashley then briefly reviews three movies, a international movie, The Keeper Of Lost Causes, a drama-thriller in Before I Go To Sleep and fun for (hopefully) all the family with The Boxtrolls.

The final part sees the guys doing a full review on James Rofle’s first full-length feature film, inspired by his character, The Angry Video Game Nerd Movie, which after having its premiere and limited theatrical run across theaters in North America, was released digitally on Vimeo a few weeks back. With both guys being fans of James’s previous work, you can expect them both to like it, but what the movie actually provides is less of a ‘Nerd’ video and more of a ‘love letter’ to his cinema influences and to his fans.


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