SNS Sticks & Flicks 08-18-14 now archived


A new episode of SNS Sticks & Flicks with Ashley Richardson is here for you on the SNS Radio Network. The first part has Ash run through all the major news and announcements from the major press conferences at Gamescom. There’s ‘revolutionary’ multi-player from Call Of Duty that’s more ‘take ideas from other games’, Xbox with the Tomb Raider exclusive… that isn’t exclusive… but is, Sony and THAT P.T. thing, EA showcasing some Battlefield: Hardline single player and Kojima revealing some new info on Metal Gear Solid.

There’s more gaming news in the second segment, with a music legend working on the soundtrack to one of the most anticipated games of the year, John Romero may want to make you his bitch again, EA Access launches, with a hidden problem that no-one expected, the Sierra brand is officially revived with a new Geometry Wars game, new information revealed for Super Smash on both the 3DS and WiiU, the World Of Warcraft expansion gets a release date, the internet presence of the ‘delayed’ Minecraft convention goes dark, and much more.

The final segment covers the movie & entertainment news, with respects paid to the passing of Lauren Bacall, Sin City 2 will be getting a ‘Hateful Eight’ teaser, big names interested in a Black Listed writer’s newest project, Sony is making adjustments to Franco & Rogan’s ‘The Interview’, another major name added to HBO’s Westworld series and Leatherface takes center stage in the new Texas Chainsaw movie. Ashley then briefly mentions his experience of Guardians Of The Galaxy, this time in 3D, before giving more in-depth reviews for Daniel Radcliffe’s latest movie, the comedy What If? and The Expendables 3, which seems to have lost its charm and appeal by taking the route of making it for a younger age group.


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