SNS Sticks & Flicks 08-11-14 now archived


Ashley Richardson brings you another episode of SNS Sticks & Flicks on the SNS Radio Network. Only two segments for this week’s show but he’s still covering all the major stories that have arisen. The gaming segment includes EVOLVE being delayed to February 2015, Assassin’s Creed: Rogue finally gets announced and revealed, many people are having their Destiny pre-orders adjusted due to over-demand, the Gamecube remake of the original Resident Evil game is being remastered for the next-gen consoles, Broforce & The Expendables team up to create a FREE steam game that you should checkout, big changes to Twitch catch out users (and Twitch themselves apparently…) and Sleeping Dogs is officially revealed to be coming to next-gen.

On the movie & entertainment front, there are tributes to Robin Williams & and the original Scream Queen, Marilyn Burns, news that the upcoming Kingsmen movie is being delayed to February, Terry Gilliam’s Don Quixote film is now heading in a very meta direction, Ashley ranting on Warner Bros’s plan for the DC universe & Fantastic Beasts sequels, Terminator 5 gets an odd subtitle, a movie martial arts great joins the Kickboxer remake, HBO’s Westworld gets some big names signed up for it and the US has decided to remake The Raid for western audiences, which leaves Ash less than unimpressed. There’s just enough time as well for a brief review for the exceptional movie Boyhood, Richard Linklater’s major project that took 12 years to complete.



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