SNS Sticks & Flicks 06-14-15


Sticks & Flicks makes its long awaited return to the SNS Radio Network and Ashley is ready for the behemoth that is E3. He first goes through the gaming news, including Kickstarter projects he’s backing that are breaking records left, right & center, Konami moves away from Kojima and towards mobile, Oculus reveals the retail release version of the Rift, Mariah Carey is the new Kate Upton, plenty of games get announced with release dates, the next NBA 2K game is a Spike Lee joint and the first inductees for the Video Game Hall Of Fame are announced.

There’s plenty of movie news in part 2, with Marvel skipping ComicCon, Bradley Cooper’s script adaptation of Hyperion gets picked up by SyFy, multiple Jump Street projects are in the works, along with plenty of TV series returning for spin-offs. There’s also TV series of films being planned, a Sister Act remake set to arrive in a few years and Uwe Boll loses his mind after failing on Kickstarter. Ash then runs through the movies and theatre productions he’s seen over the last few months, including Cobain: Montage Of Heck, Inherent Vice, Avengers: Age Of Ultron, Hamlet, A View From The Bridge and many more.

The E3 coverage starts at the 01:38:00 mark for those of you just interested in the E3 coverage. Nintendo showed off new content for Super Smash Bros, which is already out, the original Mother game finally officially comes to the Western markets, Super Mario Maker looks crazy fun, and does a decent job with its World Championships. Then Bethesda blew most of the internet away, with Doom 4 and its incredible detail, Dishonored 2 getting an interesting co-protagonist and Fallout 4 wows everyone with a free mobile game and the collector’s edition all Fallout fans will want.


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