SNS Sticks & Flicks 02-16-15


After nearly 5 months of illness, interruptions, ineptitude, indecision amd a whole lote of other things that start with the letter ‘I’, SNS Sticks & Flicks with Ashley Richardson is finally back on the SNS Radio Network. The gaming news includes many of the major game publishers having issues with their AAA games, Peter Molyneux coming under fire for Curiosity, Godus and everything else in-between, CVG shut down after 33 years of service, Eurogamer deciding to ditch review scores, The Binding of Issac and Binding Of Isaac: Rebirth will be getting DLC in the near future, Sonic sinks to a new low with poor game sales, Sony Online Entertainment is sold off and staff are cut and much more.

For the movie & entertainment news in part 2, Ash is joined once again by Sir Owen Disney from POP, where Ash does some videos on weekends ( to discuss some of the big topics, including Marvel gets Spiderman (of sorts), Dave Bautista gets another big movie role, some questionable viral marketing for the next Hitman movie and Baz Lurhman trying his hand at TV-on-demand musicals for Netflix. There’s then also plenty of quick reviews of films and theatre broadcasts of films that Ashley has seen since last September, including John from the National Theatre, Ex Machina, The Babadook, What We Do In The Shadows and Kingsman: The Secret Service

Owen sticks around for the final part, with a run down of the Independent Spirit Awards, the Golden Raspberry Awards and the Academy Awards, incorporating more movie reviews of many of the films in the running for the Spirit Awards and The Oscars.


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