SNS presents WWE Summerslam 2012 now archived


The Summerslam 2012 edition of Sunday Night Showdown kicked off with The “Outlaw Of The IWC” The Treydawg and the “Bronxfather” Tony Mirabella taking the reigns for this edition of SNS, commenting on the opening match, Dolph Ziggler VS Chris Jericho! Both hosts gave their opinions on the storyline buildups to Summerslam, and which matches they were emotionally invested in. As the show progressed, there were some surprising outcomes and interesting swerves on the Summerslam Pay Per View, which all lead to Trey and Bronx having a debate about Brock Lesnar, the reasons for him being there, and whether the outcome of his match with HHH would determine his marketability in the future. Both hosts also commented on the picks, and talked about the interesting numbers among the voters. After an emotional ending to the Pay Per View, Trey and Bronx gave their letter grades and predictions for the future to wrap SNS, and the summer season of wrestling, right here on the SNS Radio Network!

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