SNS Presents TNA Slammiversary 2013 now archived


Sunday Night Showdown hit the airwaves with the Bronxfather and L-Train covering TNA’s Slammiversary 2013 Pay Per View. In what turned out to be a very good show, we opened with the X-division title match between Kenny King, Chris Sabin and Suicide locking horns in what the hosts first deemed match of the night until the Pay Per View progressed, and Angle and AJ got into the ring! Kurt Angle was announced as the next inductee into the TNA Hall Of Fame by Dixie Carter, which will surely ignite some HUGE sparks in the IWC! Kurt and AJ Styles wrestled a clinic, and all the matches on the Pay Per View delivered as Bronx and L-Train were joined by the Trey Dawg who gave his opinion on the show and the future story lines in TNA. The Knockouts match was, in a word, brutal, in a good way, and Abyss made himself known in the TV title match and surprised everyone! From the tag title match to the main event, which had a shocking surprise, Bronx and L-Train agreed that this was a very good offering by TNA, but the ending led to some controversy. After the last break, the phone lines were opened and the callers gave their opinions on the Pay Per View and many topics regarding TNA. Surprises, shocks, and both expected and non-expected results made for a roller-coaster of emotions on this show, including the return of the infamous SNS buzzer all in one place on Sunday Night Showdown only on the SNS Radio Network!


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