SNS Presents Survivor Series 2014 11-23-14 now archived



Sunday Night Showdown lit the airwaves on fire once again, as “Mr. Money On The Mic” Jeff Jackson, Mark “The Shark” DiCarlo and Tony Mirabella, “BronxZilla,” brought you coverage of the 2014 Survivor Series Pay Per View/Special Event. This was a stipulation-filled event, as Team Cena took on Team Authority. If Team Authority lost, they lost, well, their authority! If Team Cena lost, every member but Cena was facing a “future endeavored” fate! As the boys covered the Special Event, they weren’t particularly impressed. JJ brought some insights about Canadian Thanksgiving, as well as a humorous story about John Cena, Randy Savage and cellphones. All this and some KFC too! The main event delivered however, as, for the first time in history, a man called Sting made his debut in WWE for the first time in the main event! Yes! Sting has made his presence known in WWE in a HUGE way, as he was a big addition to the match, and helped Dolph Ziggler become a main event star! The hosts closed with their thoughts about where all this may lead, and their letter grades of the show. So, check out the archive right here on the SNS Radio Network!


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