SNS Presents Royal Fumble 2014 01-26-2014 now archived


On this edition of Sunday Night Showdown, “Mr. Money On The Mic”  Jeff Jackson, “BronxZilla” Tony Mirabella and Mark “The Shark” Dicarlo covered the 2014 Royal Rumble, or, as they dubbed it, the Royal Fumble.  The hosts were massively impressed with Bray Wyatt VS Daniel Bryan.  A star was born, and his name is Bray Wyatt.  The Big Show didn’t fair well against Brock Lesnar, as the seemingly unstoppable former UFC champ beat the holy hell out of The Big Show.  The WWE World Heavyweight Title was successfully defended, with Randy Orton getting some help from an expected faction.  In The Rumble match, CM Punk was, of course, number 1.  Some old faces returned, including Diesel and Sheamus!  Kofi Kingston performed an amazing feat, by leaping from the barricade to the ring apron without his feet touching the floor!  As guys got tossed out, Roman Reigns seemed an unstoppable force, until it came down to him and Batista.  As the hosts of SNS rooted for big Roman, they were disappointed, as was the crowd, as Batista came out the winner.  This prompted Bronx, JJ and Shark to rant on the Rumble, to the point of naming it the “Royal Fumble.”  A PPV event that will have long lasting repercussions.  So, check out the archive right here on the SNS Radio Network!


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