Live results for WWE Raw 6/5/17

The fallout from Extreme Rules starts tonight as Raw comes from Wilkes Barre, PA. How will Bayley react to no-one caring for her? Will the Hardys look for a rematch for the tag belts? Will Joe gloat about his victory because Brock won’t destroy him until next week? Keep it here for all the latest.

We start with a recap of last night’s main event.

Raw intro and pyro starts us live.Samoa Joe will be talking later as the new #1 contender… but Wyatt interrupts.

Bray makes his way out and comes to the ring. He’s apparently facing BRay in the opening match. Bray cuts a promo first though. Last night was his chance to win a shot at slaying the beast. But they took his sword away and plunged it in his heart. But he’s still alive and is here to cast judgement on all the guilty parties. All 4 men are GUILTY. Bray vows that all 4, one by one, will be punished. He starts with Roman tonight. He’s ready to talk some more but Roman interrupts and makes his entrance. We’re getting straight into it.

Match 1 – Bray Wyatt vs. Roman Reigns
Good opener here. Went around 20 mins or so. Roman wins after a Superman Punch and a Spear.
WINNER – Roman Reigns

Samoa Joe will be talking later, but up next, a recap of the Raw Women’s Title Kendo Stick On A Pole Match from last night.

Charley interviews Enzo & Cass. Enzo has no clue as to who’s attacked him and Cass is offended that some think that he attacked his partner. They’re facing Anderson & Gallows later and Cass will be on guard for anyone to get another attack on his partner.

Now a photo recap of Alexa Bliss retaining her Women’s title over Bayley. Apparently she’s had to go home today to recover from her injuries.

Kurt being distracted by the issues on his phone again, as Alexa comes in. She says that she’s done with Bayley and has set up a treat for tonight. She hass set up ‘Alexa Bliss: This Is My Life’ for later. However, Kurt shoots that idea down, saying that the ‘This Is Your Life’ segment was one of the worst bits in the history of Raw…. THANK YOU KURT!!! OMG THANK YOU!!!! … Kurt notes that Alexa did promise Nia a title shot a few weeks back, so it’s happening … TONIGHT!

Dean Ambrose backstage, in action next.

Elias Samson is here to sing a song. Crowd is hating this. He gets interrupted by Dean, who wants to say a few words.. then attacks Samson with his microphone and throws him out of the ring. He then says how he wants his rematch with Miz tonight. Miz comes on the Tron and says he’s on his Comeback Tour promotional event. Samson then attacks him from behind and hits Dean with a rolling cutter. Elias then gets a mic and says ‘That’ what happens when you attack me with a mic’ and he heads to the back

Miz AND Samson win again, although Miz should be concerned by the second person that won here…

Dean bumps into Kurt backstage. Dean wants Miz tonight, but Kurt says that Miz & Maryse have set up a championship celebration for later on and Kurt is forced to tell Dean to leave the building. Dean isn’t happy with this, but leaves.

Here comes Samoa Joe, who heads to the ring to talk as they recap his win last night. Joe says that he doesn’t fear Lesnar… he envies him. He wants all that Brock has and he’ll take it all away from him at Great balls of Fire. The ability to wrestle and appear where and when he pleases, putting the fear in everyone, having Heyman as his advocate and most importantly, the WWE universal Championship.

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! … Here’s Heyman! he makes his usual introductions. He says that Joe proved he’s a badass with his win last noght and knows that he doesn’t fear Brock. But the thing that concerns him (and he’s used to worrying because he’s a Jew… his words not mine) is that Brock doesn’t fear Joe either. He says that Finn vs. Brock was the best case scenario, the hungry newcomer vs the veteran champion, the ultimate Rocky story… but Joe vs Brock? … that was the WORST case scenario, because he knows that both men will want to destroy each other and he knows that no matter what, Joe will be taking a piece away of Brock once they’re done in their match. He accepts the offer by offering a handshake, adding that Brock will make sure that it’s Joe’s worst case scenario as well.

They shake hands, Joe then brads Paul, backs him into one of the corners and has a message for Brock that he wants Paul to pass on. He goes into great detail on this, describing how his arm will go round his throat and how Paul will begin to pass out, and then executes his plan.. .. AND PUTS THE COQUINA CLUTCH ON HEYMAN! Officials come in to stop the hold and check on Paul. The crowd wants Brock… and Joe grabs a mic and says ‘AND SO DO I!!!!’ Joe leaves to the back. Great promo bit there.

Joe backstage and Seth comes in, saying what Joe did was wrong and if he wants to fight, he wants him tonight. Kurt appears, saying that he likes the sound of that and sets up Joe vs. Rollins for later tonight.

Heath Slater & Rhyno are in the ring as the new champs Cesaro & Sheamus make their entrance. They recap their Tag Title win from last night.

Match 2 – Sheamus & Cesaro vs. Heath Slater & Rhyno
Relatively quick match Sheamus wins it for his team after a Brogue Kick to Slater.
WINNERS – Sheamus & Cesaro

Sheamus & Cesaro cut a promo mocking that Hardys over their title loss and how they are not just raising the bar… they ARE THE BAR!!!

TJP & NEville backstage. TJP congratulates Neville on his win last night and wants to know when he gets his shot. Neville asks for patience, but TJP says he’s helped him out for the past few months and wants the favor returned. Nevilla says that if he can deal with Mustafa Ali tonight, that he’ll talk with Kurt and get it all set up. TJP looks happy with this as he leaves. TJP faces Ali next.

Back from brea kand Ali’s in the ring as TJP makes his entrance.

Match 3 – TJP vs. Mustafa Ali
Decent match. TJP gets the win with the Detonation Kick

TJP heads up the ramp, only to be spooked by Neville’s pyro who comes out on stage. Neville says that he has some unfortunate news, but TJP wants his answer and heads to the back. Neville attacks him and leaves him out for the count on the ramp. He says that TJP isn’t on his level and how he’ll prove it when he puts the Title on the line on tomorrow’s 205 Live. Big match set for 205 Live tomorrow.

The Raw Women’s Title match with Bliss & Jax is later.

Goldust says ‘frankly my dear I don’t give a damn’ GONE WITH THE WIND 1933 – Goldust says how this is all a joke to Truth but Goldust is deadly serious and all the stars and celebs will be returning as the GOLDEN Era has returned.

The women’s locker room talking and Alexa comes in. They all go to leave ( Sasha leaves anyway) but Alexa stops them saying that Mickie & Dana clearly deserve a title shot before Nia. They need to deal with the Nia problem. Dana & Mickie point out that Nia is ALEXA’s problem and says that they’ll be watching it all from ringside tonight. Alexa is worried.

Kurt interrupts the broadcast team as he wants to have a private word. They whisper away on camera as the commentators look on beside them. Corey doesn’t give a reply as he returns to the desk.

Kalisto makes his way out for action as they recap his match with Apollo Cruz from last night. He’s facing Titus O’Neil next it seems.

Kurt backstage, who’s asked by Mike Rome about what the issue with Corey is and he says it’s a private matter and leaves the building… only for Dean to sneak back in thought the fire exit door. Worth noting that The Revival were in the background corridor during this.

Titus now makes his way to the ring for the next match. Tozawa’s watching on from backstage for this one.

Match 4 – Kalisto vs. Titus O’Neil (w/Apollo Cruz)
Quick match. Titus goes for a pinfall with a handful of tights, only for Kalisto to roll through into a pin of his own with the tights as well.
WINNER – Kalisto

After, Apollo laughs away at Titus’s showing and heads to the back.

Miz backstage preparing for the championship celebration and looks over… and Cass is out on the floor!!! Officials and Enzo come in to check on him as Cass hands Enzo a big gold chain.

Back from break and Cass & Enzo are backstage. The refs take Cass to the medics and tell Enzo after asking about his match later that he’ll have to find another tag partner for his match tonight.

The ring has been lavished up and Maryse introduces the celebration and her husband, the new champ The Miz. Miz then makes his entrance. ‘You deserve it’ chants from the crowd. Miz points out that it would mean more if they didn’t do it for every single new champion. But he does deserve it and tonight is the start of the comeback tour and restoring the Intercontinental Title to its former glories. He proposes a toast to the Miz and to a time when he’s known as the only IC champ. They’ve got all the fancy stuff, even a dancing bear with a congratulations sign. But Maryse says the bear wasn’t booked by her and MIZ attacks the bear!!! He unveils the head and it’s… SOME GUY!!! Now there’s a big present that’s arrived and Miz can hear moving inside… so MIZ ATTACKS IT. Maryse says how it was a gift from her as her reveals it as.. A GRANDFATHER CLOCK. Maryse storms off, saying how he’s ruined it all.

Miz then calls out Dean, who says that Dean is the one that ruined everything. He calls him out… as the cameraman puts his camera down and takes off his cap… it’s Dean!!! Dean attacks Miz and throws him out of the ring and Dean celebrates in the ring.

Later tonight, it’s Joe vs. Rollins. Enzo backstage thinking about a tag partner as the match against Anderson & Gallows is up next.

Gallows & Anderson are already out there as Enzo makes his way out and cuts a solo promo but has apparently called in a favor tonight… who’s also seven feet tall. Here comes Big Show!! Enzo decides to make fun of Show and after a little concern… Show cuts loose and gets humorous and says that their opponents are SAWFT!!!

Match 5 – Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson vs. Enzo Amore & Big Show
Quick match. Enzo & Show win as Show picks up Enzo so he can give Gallows a splash.
WINNERS – Enzo & Big Show

The Raw Women’s Championship match is next.

Enzo & Show backstage and Cass checks in, noting how Show’s been away for weeks, insinuating that he may be behind the attacks. Show notes that a giant like him can’t sneak around. Enzo wants them all to celebrate but Show says they can celebrate on their own. Cass likes the sound of that and he and Enzo leave, with Show looking on.

R-Truth now cuts another movie themed promo, this time quoting ‘you can’t handle the truth!’ A Few Good Men 1992 and the closing lines are the same lines from Pulp fiction as from last week.

Mike Rome introduces Alexa for an interview, who says that as a goddess she deserves much better treatment from her fellow women than what’s she’s getting right now.

Nia Jax is out, the title match is next… HOPEFULLY!!!

We return as Alexa makes her entrance.

Match 6 – WWE Raw Women’s Championship – Nia Jax vs. Alexa Bliss (c)
At the start of the match, Dana Brooke & Mickie James come out to ringside to watch. The match was OK, but not good. Bliss is getting dominated, so she rolls outside and pushes at Dana & Mickie. Mickie hits her with a forearm for the DQ.
WINNER by DQ – Alexa Bliss (Bliss retains the title)

Alexa smirks away as all 3 get destroyed by Nia Jax. Wow… this Women’s division is becoming the Divas division again it seems…

Heyman’s getting assessed in the training room, when he gets a phone call. I’m prety sure it’s Brock as the call implies that he needs to be there next week and put the fear into Joe once and for all bu unleashing the BEAST!!!

Tomorrow, on 205 Live, it’s Neville vs. TJP for the Cruiserweight belt, and on Smackdown for the first time ever it’ll be Kevin Owens one-on-one with Shinsuke Nakamura.

Joe is out first for the main event, as they recap him choking out Heyman earlier in the night. Rollins is out next.

Match 7 – Samoa Joe vs. Seth Rollins
Good match. The finish comes when Wyatt cuts in but when is cuts back, Bray is nowhere to be found. Joe uses this opportunity to lock on the Coquina Clutch and get the win.
WINNER via submission – Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe stands triumphant as Raw goes off the air.

That’s all for this week. I’ll be missing next Monday as I focus n all the big news from E3, but I will be posting up results from the show after Raw is over. I’ll return in 2 weeks, so until then… I WAS THE DANCING BEAR!!! (and no, not the porno one…)

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