Live results for WWE Raw 5/15/17

WWE is back from the European tour, which probably means a lot of mistakes from the exhausted talents after 2 weeks away. We’ve also probably got the start of builds coming tonight to the next Raw PPV, Extreme Rules. And we already know that tonight sees Dean Ambrose defend his Intercontinental Title against The Miz. Keep it here for all the latest from the show.

We open with a recap of Brawn & Roman from the past few weeks.

Intro vid & pyro go off in Newark, NJ as we head into the show. The IC Title match is coming later.

We start off with Kurt Angle’s music and the GM heads to the ring. Kurt welcomes everyone. He notes the Reigns & Strowman clash from last week and how Braun is injured and after having surgery on his shattered elbow, he’s out for 6 months. Kurt needs a challenger for Brock at Great Balls Of Fire. So for Extreme Rules, Kurt has set up a Fatal 5-Way match to determine the #1 contender. Kurt shows graphics for possible Brock matches. The 5 names are Seth Rollins, Samoa Joe, Finn Balor, Bray Wyatt & Roman Reigns. It’ll be extreme no matter what. It’s damn true. Kurt’s about to leave, but Roman’s music plays and he heads to the ring, not even looking hurt over his injuries from the past few weeks. Roman says there’s no need for a match, he’s clearly the #1 contender. Balor makes his way out now, who notes how he was the first  Universal champ but was never beaten. The line starts behind him. Roman doesn’t think Finn is capable of taking down Brock. Finn notes how he beat Roman on his fist Raw match.

Samoa Joe now comes out, who says it’s not about yards or clubs, it’s about results and actions. He put the clutch on Seth, he took him out. Bray now cuts in and appears in the ring who says how everyone is afraid, but not from Brock, from him. Seth now heads out on the stage and says how people want a fight. He and Joe brawl outside as he other 3 scuffle with each other. Joe flees after Seth going after his knee, and after various scuffles, it’s Finn who is on top to close the segment.

The Hardyz backstage, looks like we’re having a Hardyz vs. Sheamus & Cesaro singles match next.

Seth, Roman & Finn arguing backstage. Kurt comes in saying that arguments get settled in the ring. Seth’s facing Bray for the first time ever and Roman’s facing Balor. This could be good.

The Hardyz head out with Jeff set for action. Cesaro & Sheamus are out next, and their representative for this match will be Sheamus. They recap Sheamus & Cesaro’s heel turn from a few weeks back.

Match 1 – Jeff Hardy (w/Matt Hardy) vs. Sheamus (w/Cesaro)
Pretty good match. Sheamus botches a Brogue Kick to Matt on the apron, leading to a second Kick needed. Jeff then hits Twist Of Fate & the Swanton Bomb for the win.
WINNER – Jeff Hardy

The IC Title match is later.

Sasha Banks is already coming to the ring, with Alicia Fox & Noam Dar in the ring. They recap the controversial finish to their match last week.

Match 2 – Sasha Banks vs. Alicia Fox (w/Noam Dar)
OK-ish match. Alicia gets the win after a Scissors Kick to Sasha’s back as she’s on her hands and knees.
WINNER- Alicia Fox

Later tonight, it’ll be Reigns vs. Balor and Rollins vs. Wyatt. But up next it’s the Intercontinental Championship match as Dean and Miz are walking backstage.

Set for Smackdown tomorrow, we have AJ vs. Jinder and Orton vs. Corbin.

Miz makes his way out first for the Title match, followed by Dean the champion. Jojo makes the introductions.

Match 3 – Intercontinental Championship – The Miz (w/Maryse) vs. Dean Ambrose (c)
Pretty solid match. Sadly we had a screwy finish. Miz attempted a lFlair-style low blow which Dean stopped, so Ambrose low blows Miz with a kick leading to a DQ.
WINNER by DQ – The Miz … Dean retains the IC Title.

Charley talking with Finn backstage, hyping up the Roman match later as well as the WWE 24 Special after Raw. Also later is Seth vs. Bray.

Alexa Bliss is coming to the ring and it seems as if she’s talking after the ads.

Back from break and they recap Bliss wining the Raw Women’s title. Back to Newark and Alexa gets some cheap heat from the crowd. She talks about her rise to the top of Raw in record time and her record of holding both Women’s belts. Bayley then interrupts and comes to the ring. Bayley says that Alexa have accomplished a lot and she may title herself as a goddess, but she cares about the title belt. She’s invoking her rematch clause for the Raw Women’s Title at Extreme Rules. Bliss says Bayley can’t be extreme at Extreme Rules and should just leave the title to ‘the adults’. Bayley attacks her and they brawl. Alexa manages to take Bayley out and crawl out the ring. She grabs a Singapore cane from under the ring, plays with the cane a la Harley Quinn’s bat, and smacks Bayley in the back with it. Stipulation incoming methinks…

Gallagher & Aries face Neville & TJP next.

Kurt on the phone with Sami (we’re keeping that going I guess…) and Miz is not happy with the DQ finish. Kurt proposes a rematch at Extreme Rules. Miz wants there to be a title can change hands on a DQ out count-out finish, which Kurt agrees to, but then advises him to speak properly to his GM. Maryse complains in French and Kurt replies back in basic French. The Drifter Elias Sampson then comes in with his guitar, leading Miz & Maryse to walk out. Kurt then asks Sampson what he wants… and Elias walks off playing the guitar. When will you actually let him wrestle WWE???

Neville is out first for the next match, followed by his tag partner TJP. Their opponents are out next with Jack Gallagher coming out before Aries.

Match 4 – Neville & TJP vs. Jack Gallagher & Austin Aries
Good match, but this crowd didn’t give a damn about it. It’s a shame they’re TJP wins it after hitting Gallagher with the Detonation Kick.
WINERS – Neville & TJP

WWE Network rundown, confirming that the WWE UK Special will be debuting on FRIDAY at 3pm Eastern, 8pm UK time, not Thursday as was initially reported… which means it’ll be overlapping the UK broadcast of Impact by 30 minutes… an interesting move…

Seth vs. Bray is later but up next is Finn vs. Roman

Bayley being treated by the medics backstage. Kurt comes in saying that Bayley isn’t in great shape. Bayley says she wants her revenge and her belt back. Kurt then recommends a Kendo Stick on a Pole match for them at Extreme Rules.

Goldust backstage with R Truth. Truth feels bad about their loss last week in the tournament. Goldust says they’ll get back up on their feet and will start off by taking out Gallows & Anderson tonight.

Finn makes his entrance for the next match, as he faces Reigns next… hopefully…

Back from the ads and they replay the Brawn & Roman stuff from the start of the show.

Roman makes his way out as they recap the Fatal 5-Way announcement from earlier.

Match 5 – Finn Balor vs. Roman Reigns
Pretty good match here. Roman wins it with a spear.
WINNER – Roman Reigns

The lights go off and Bray shows up on the tron screen, who says it may be Kurt’s show or the Big Dog’s yard, but it’s HIS world. Everyone will worship him when he wins at Extreme Rules and slays the Beast at Great Balls Of Fire. But tonight, it’s time to focus on Seth. Will Seth stand up to the darkness or will he simply be gutless and… RUN!

Charley backstage with Seth Rollins. Seth says he’s not gutless, especially after all he’s been through over the last year.

The Golden Truth make their way out and do their intro… ONLY FOR GOLDUST TO ATTACK R-TRUTH!!!! ‘Thank you Goldust’ chants from the crowd. He continues to beat down on him, then grabs the mic and says ‘that’s what’s up!’ Heel Goldust is back!!

Seth vs. Wyatt is later.

Injustice 2 promo, the game which releases tomorrow.

Enzo & Cass make their way out. They do their usual intro. They then get interrupted by Titus O’Neit’s music and he and Apollo Cruz come out. Titus says how his man will beat Enzo Amore, mocking their entrance. Cass then informs Titus that the match is between Cass and TITUS!. O’Neil says he’s in a $4300 outfit and isn’t ready. The match gets underway anyway.

Match 6 – Big Cass (w/Enzo Amore) vs. Titus O’Neil (w/Apollo Cruz)
Relatively quick match. After threatening to use his belt Cass hits the big boot for the win.
WINNER – Big Cass

After, Enzo goes for a selfie with the fallen Titus only to get a kick in the head from Cruz… I guess because Enzo was being a dick about it? We’ll have to see.

Un next is main event time with Wyatt & Rollins.

WWE 24 Special on Finn Balor is after Raw on the WWE Network.

On 205 Live tomorrow, Aries vs. TJP.

TJP & Neville backstage and TJP is happy with his performance. Neville says it’s looking good so far and all that needs to be done is for TJP to take out Aries once and for all and then he’s one step closer to his title shot.

The camera cuts in and Bray Wyatt makes his entrance to the ring. Seth is out next.

Match 7 – Bray Wyatt vs. Seth Rollins
Pretty good match. Samoa Joe then comes out from the crowd and attacks Seth to cause the DQ.
WINNER by DQ – Seth Rollins

Wyatt & Joe then beat down on Seth… only for Bray to hit Joe with the Sister Abigail, followed by another one to Seth Rollins as well. He poses and tells everyone to follow the buzzards as Raw goes off the air.

Raw heads to Grand Rapids, MI next week so join me next Monday as we move closer to Extreme Rules. But until then… ASHLEY OUT

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