Get In The Zone 11-16-13 now archived


This week, Get In The Zone came at you in a podcast version as the BronxFather broke down all the goings on regarding Impact Wrestling and Smackdown. Bronx covered what went down on Impact wrestling, including Mr. Anderson challenging Bully Ray to a match that will either see Aces and Eights disbanded or Mr. Anderson leaving TNA. Then, the host talked about Smackdown and how the “Heyman guys” Ryback and Curtis Axel abandoned Paul Heyman to do their own thing! Does this mean Brock Lesnar will return soon? After the break, Bronx read some news and then dove into some fantasy booking! Bronx talked about how Mr. Anderson might be the future of TNA, and how to oust Dixie Carter! The show was ended with a tribute to “Latino Heat” Eddie Guerrero! So check out the podcast right here on the SNS Radio Network!


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